Why you should not use website builders

In this new technology world every business have its own website. This is because people live in internet and everything is got changed. People want everything in their hands and this websites makes our life’s so much comfortable then before.

From groceries to jewelries, you can found on internet. And this happened because of websites. Now a days every small business have their own website. And this is the main reason why website builders are so much popular.

This website builder tools gives you full freedom to create a website by your own. And yeah this is right, they provide lots of templates according to every business type and they are ready to edit. Once you done with the edit part you just need to publish and set the domain. Setting up domain is also not a hard part of it, it take 1 min for this whole process.

But still i will say that you should not go with website builder and there are few reasons given below –

  1. The main worst part of every website builder is their hosting services. The packages may seems to you very great. But they are really not giving you as much you really need to run a website actually.

2. Most of the website builders have some interesting offer like SEO Booster plan, Google Adword plan and also may others but this plans really not worth a single dollar.

3. Then comes the speed issue. It really doesn’t matter that what plan you are currently using. You website must works slower then normal website which are not created using website builder.

4. If you like to have lots of traffics then you should not go with website builder. If you are using website builder and running ads for getting more traffic but still not getting any. And also don’t have any idea about why this is happening. This happening because of your website builder.

Author: qPrivate

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