Is Netflix really killing the movie theatre?

Netflix means entertainment all over the world. People addict to it for tons of options. And the other reason is, they can use it any time. There is no such as time schedule like regular television channels. But does it really killing the business of movie theatre.

In this Christmas holiday season, Hollywood’s major film releases ( Aquaman, Bumblebee and others ). And they are really doing a great business in America.

Films like Aquaman, Bumblebee, Mary Poppins Returns are projected to do big business in theatres not only in America but also around the whole world.

Aquaman already winning the weekend with a strong earning of $68 million which is roughly Rs. 480 crores. It will be the biggest hit on this year on box office. This will break the record of all the movies on this year.

The revenue of movie-ticket has risen 8 percent in 2018 then other years in United States. This is the main reason why the whole industry focusing more on creating biggest hits.

But there are also bad news right on the same industry. The bad news is that only few movies becoming box office hits and the others are completely flop.

In 2018, 700 movies released on Hollywood and only 10 films run successfully on them. This two films are based on only two categories (
 superhero adventures and animated films ).

On the other hand netflix is expanding business. They don’t even need to look back after starting. They have only faced a spamming email issue recently and almost have fixed that. And this issue don’t even caused any impact on their business.

Author: qPrivate

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