Is it bad to stop background apps to save battery

Stopping the background battery is a very simple math to save the battery for whole day. It can help you to change less then previous time but is that really helpful for you or its causing other extra issues for your battery.

Many online portal get flood with this question –

Do background apps drain the battery?

Do background apps save the battery?

It can be your question too. If this is also your question then the answer is if you are doing so the then you are currently doing wrong. Its has a huge impact on your battery that you don’t even notice.

Always keep it mind that stopping the background apps can’t help you save to your battery.

If you are doing this then you should stop doing this right now. Because its not only doing nothing but also impacting a lot on battery life and performance.

In fact, closing background apps use more battery then running apps. It does the same thing on android and iOS both or even you are using any other.

So if you are thinking that how you can prevent this. And thinking about those battery server apps that you have seen on app store.

This apps are so much effective that they pretend to be.

Author: qPrivate

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