Why You Should Use Antivirus

Antivirus is a very important software for both computer or mobile. But the question is why this is so important. Its important for different reasons. 

The main reason of using antivirus is to protect your device from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other unwanted malware.

If you are using internet and don’t use any antivirus then you are completely in risk of this all. It really doesn’t matter about what kind website you are using or doing any other thing. Your computer, laptop or even mobile will be effect by this all kind of malware.

Now you may wanted to know what this all malware do with your device. Then read given below list for know that –

  • The system performance of your device will be slower then before. It can computer, laptop or even mobile. It will work very slowly and will get more slower day by day.
  • The programs that are install in your device can be started working by their self and even stop by their self.
  • If you have saved anything on your device like any files then it can be deleted by its self or will create a clone of them but its self.
  • You also can might notice different new files or software or apps on your device that you don’t have even install in your device. And when you will try to delete them, it will not be deleted from their.
  • Your device can be restart of shut down by it self.
  • Even your hardware will make sounds in some issue.

Now the matter comes that how you can be safe from all this. There are several things that you can do to keep your device safe.

Firstly you have to install a good antivirus. You may found different type of antivirus. But you should always go for a paid one.

  • There are different antivirus that you will find as torrent file but its not safe for your device. You should buy it for keeping your device safe.
  • Never open any file that contain double . format. like .txt.cvf. Avoid this files and delete them.
  • Never click on any link that you get from any email from unknown person or sources.

Author: qPrivate

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