Top 3 websites for checking google keyword ranking

Keywords are the most essential element of website and its also a very important element for SEO. Without setting up proper keywords your website can’t be ranked. Setting up the right keyword according to your website or content is the main part of doing SEO.

Most of the bloggers makes mistake in choosing correct keyword for their blogs. This is the reason why they don’t get the targeted visitors for their website. If you don your onpage SEO settings properly then there is a chance of being the first page search list and its can boost your website traffic for this chance. People search on something mostly goes on those website which appears on the first page.

Today i’m going to share few popular keyword research tools that can find out the right keywords for you in less the 10 minutes. This websites will give you a complete list of keyword with all the ranking details according google.

Google Rank Checker

This is very first on this list of keyword tools. Its a excellent free tool that you can use easily. Its a completely free service and there is no paid versions of this tool.

For using it, you just need to fill the box’s with correct information’s and fill the captcha and you are ready to go.


Then comes this one. SEMrush is one of my favorite keyword rank checker tool. Its a paid service but you can get a 14 days free trial option with that.

This tool support google and bing so you can get to know your reputation on this both search engines. It also shows you that what keyword you have already ranked for. This option is also great for everyone.


Then comes this one. I’m using it from a very long time and pretty happy with the performance of this tool. Its a tool ( also a paid version include ) and their is not limit of using it. You can use it all day long if you need so. This gives you result according to your given domain and the result is in details so that you can get to know each and everything about the keywords.

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