YouTube faces outrage after using creator’s video without giving credit

Just imagine, you have created something and other person using it without giving any credit for that. How you will feel at that condition? The answer is pretty simple that you will not like that thing that also will told you to not to do so. Right!! I will also do the same if someone do anything similar like that with mine.

You might deal with someone but when the matter comes to youtube how you will deal with it. Youtube have recently done such thing with a youtuber.

Youtube take a video from that youtuber and then edit it according their need and upload it for their twitter followers. It might seems to you funny or something else but its a true news.

YouTuber Lily Hevesh created a video for christmas and upload it on her channel. Youtube take that video and remove the introduction part from that video, which included a welcome message to Hevesh’s channel. And then youtube posted it on twitter without hiving him any credit.

Lily Hevesh get to know this matter after sometime because of those twitter followers who also knows her and mention her name on that video. She is glad that youtube use her video and also very surprised on that.

Youtube have every kind of rights for using any video that uploaded on their platform. They can do whatever they want like they can edit it or anything else.

Author: qPrivate

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