Top 4 signs that your laptop is hacked

Being hacked is not a big deal if you are not so careful enough about your device ( computer or laptop ). You might be using an antivirus software and scan with it regularly but don’t feel safe for this. Because you don’t even know the bitter truth about this scans or antivirus.

Your antivirus might be showing you that your device is safe but so far it still can be hacked. In today’s threatscape, Its possible that malware can change few things on your antivirus and have a complete control on that.

And this is the reason behind you should be more careful about the behavior of your device so that you can always make sure that it’s safe.

Ransom Message

This is the very first sign. Its called heyday of ransomware. Its mainly collect the data of your payment system. If its currently on device then you will get messages of filling up the payment details again and again when you will pay on any website.

If you are facing this then your device is hacked. Stop giving any payment details after that and delete the payment details if you have saved any on your device.

Fake antivirus messages

This one is the commonly happened issue. If you notice that your antivirus showing you messages that your device is safe or scan now again and again.

And this is happening right now and your antivirus don’t have give you any this kind of messages before. Then your device is hacked.

Unwanted browser toolbars

Then comes this one. You might have your own browser toolbar set but this malware will show you a complete new toolbar or few extra option on your toolbar.

Redirected Internet searches

When you will try to browse on a website but it redirect you to the other webpage then your device is infected with malware.

Author: qPrivate

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