How to secure your facebook account in 2019

Keeping your facebook account safe is very important for keeping your privacy safe. People who are using facebook from a long time have faced different issues with their facebook account.

Sometimes the issues are so serious liked hacked account or linked with any third party app which are collecting their all account data.

In most of this cases the account owner don’t even have any idea about what actually happening with their account until their data get viral or founding something in their timeline that they don’t have posted. There are few things that you can do in 2019 for keeping your account safe.

Never share your password with anyone. Sharing a password doesn’t mean that you giving it to someone else. You can share it without knowing about it.

For avoiding this don’t log in in your account from any other people’s device. You may not click on that save password button but it can saved without that. Some people used to do settings for keeping every password save that have been log in their device.

There are also some people who use different software for doing so. And you might don’t even think about the trap. So avoid using others device for not only facebook but also for other social media or even email account.

Then make sure that all of your privacy settings are done properly. Log in to your facebook account and go on the setting option. Check all the setting details carefully so that you can make sure that everything is organized properly.

Facebook have recently introduce a new privacy system. Its called facebook profile lock. Once you will set this on your profile, none can look into your profile who is not in your friend list.

You can also try this for keeping your profile safe. This will not stop anyone from sending you any friend request but will stop collecting data about you.

Then go on the app setting page and check every app. Delete those one that you don’t know or don’t even need to use. After that look on the permission settings of the other apps.

You should avoid using this log in with facebook apps, its a risk on your privacy. You might know about different issues that happen last year with this kind of apps. So be careful before using them.

Author: qPrivate

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