The best free lightweight security tools

As a computer and laptop you must need a security tool for keeping your device safe and malware free. There are lots of paid tools that are available on market but if you don’t like to buy any then there are also lots of options available. You just need to choose the right one.

Free tools available but they all don’t work properly. You need to find out that one which one you really need and also work properly.


Its a very light weight password generator which keeps your online account safe by creating good protected passwords for you.

A good password is a must thing for your online account. This is the very first basic need for keeping your accounts hack free.

You can create passwords according to need that will be tough to guess but easy to remember.

Avira Free Security Suite

Its a antivirus, vpn provider and also a password manager and the most important fact is its completely free.

Its provide you highest security at zero cost. Its the best free security tool among all the available tools on the market.


Everyone of us keep sensitive data on our devices and after some time also want to delete them. You may delete it but it can be recover in many ways.

Yeah, you are reading right. It really can be recovered. So now the question is how you can be delete it permanently?

And the answer is Eraser tool, you can delete any data completely from your device with this. And it doesn’t let anything to recover that data back

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