How to protect a mobile phone from being theft

Stolen mobile phone issues are very common thing. Thief’s target that because of the price of the mobile phones are hing and its a small thing that can be theft very easily.

This stolen issue can cause different problem’s. If you think that only buying a new mobile can fix it then you are completely wrong. This stole issue can a biggest harm for you. As you phone is your identity so it have every details about you. It contain your social media account that 95% people keep log in in their phone’s, the personal documents like emails, photos that you will never like to share with anyone.

There are few tricks that you can follow to prevent this stolen issue of your mobile phone. This rules will make sure that your phone will not be stolen but if the phone if theft then you will able to get it back and your data will not be on thief’s hand.

When you are out of home do not leave your phone on car or even on table. Always keep it with you. Its batter to keep on a safe pocket of your pant or jacket where you can feel the phone all time.

Always use a good password that will lock the phone if anyone give wrong password for 3 times. Even there is such as those kind of apps that will snap a photo of that person who will try to unlock it with wrong password. The photo of that person automatically will store on your online storage. This kind of lock keep your private data always safe even your phone got stolen.

Don’t use your phone at those place where you will not feel safe. If someone ask you the time or date that time, don’t use your phone for telling that. Simply say sorry and leave that place.

Don’t use any flashy headphone. There are more possibility of being theft on this cases. Thief’s target this things most as its so easy to snatch away in minutes and people don’t even get it for few moments that what have happen with them.

Write down your IMEI number of your mobile so that if your phone is stolen you can told that to police. As you knows the IMEI number it will be easy for them to track the thief.

You can also use use those apps which gives you protection on this stolen issue. This apps can help you to track your phone more quickly. You may found this apps on different app stores.

Always use app lock on gallery or file manager and also log out from every social media account after logging in it. Make sure you don’t have keep any credit card data on your phone.

Author: qPrivate

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