How to prevent your phone from being hacked

You might know all the new reports about virus and malware’s which can ruin your data that you have stored in your phone. As mobile phone is a very basic thing. We have it with us all the time and this phones have everything us like photos, data and also other details of us. This is reason behind this problem. You also have learnt from different sources that cell phones are getting hacked. So please don’t think that your one is not going be the next one. Be prepared to preventing this.

There is no such fool-proof plans for preventing this problem but there are few things that you can do for keeping your phone more secure then ever. If you really able to do this given below things completely then there is almost zero percent chance of facing this problem.

Operating system up-to-date

Always Keep your operating system up-to-date. An outdated operating system is not so much secure. When your operating system will show that the update is ready, download and install it.

You need to update it as early as you can because hackers takes this opportunity and will try to cause issues with your old operating system. If you have not updated your operating system from a long time after that update alert , your data might be at risk. This updates patch that risky hole of malware’s and keep your phone secure.

Security Software

If you are using android then you are at more risk of virus or malware. If you are using iOS then you at less risk of that. You should use security software at both. But you need to be more careful if you are using the android.

As a security software is a very needed thing so you should be choose it after testing two or three of them. Check the rating and reviews of them. Also check that how many peoples currently using that.

After installing read the documentations and make sure that it will not seeking any permission that is working against your privacy.

Use a good password

Always use a good password on your phone. Never use normal screen lock. And also don’t use birth date, name, pate’s name or bank pin as your password. Use something that easy to remember but hard to guess by other people.

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