3 iconic iPhone features we’ve lost completely

iPhone have changed over years. The iPhone which currently available on market is completely differently then those who comes on the very first of the iPhone history. There are few iconic feature that are so much loved by people which are completely gone from iPhone.

I’m not saying that iPhone upgrades are not iconic. I’m only talking about those which iconic features are lost forever.


Its comes first on the list. First appeared: 2007, iPhone OS 1Last appeared: 2012, iOS 6 .

Skeuomorphism in iPhone OS 3 (L) and iOS 4 (R)

As you can see the both home screens. The left one is completely organized and right one is not so much. And this is the main different in this two. iPhone’s home screen are not so organized like never before.

Aluminum bodies

Then comes this aluminum bodies. This is the other iconic key feature which is not present in current iPhone’s. When Apple release this 2016 in
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus people just fall in love with this elegant look of it.

iPhones with an aluminum body

This aluminum bodies gives that premium look that none other iPhone have and this is also lost.

Headphone jack

Then comes the headphone jack which is also very important feature of any phone. But now a day apple stop giving this option by inventing bluetooth headphone.

I’m not saying that bluetooth headphones are not good but people don’t feel so much comfort with that one.

Author: qPrivate

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