Few Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe

If you have a computer at home with a internet connection then you must need to worry about your safety. If you think that, you are using internet and using strong password that none can think about, or all the time you log out properly from your computer, so your computer is safe than sorry to say but you are completely in a wrong way.

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You computer can be hacked or even your personal data can be leaked. If you are currently thinking that, how this can be possible then let me explain. Currently you are using a computer or even a laptop with a internet connecting which you don’t even know that one is really secure or not. You don’t even know about all the setting of your router or even of your computer. Do you really even know that save password option of your computer is also can be so much harmful for you. You might don’t even know all but from right now you should do this written below things for keeping your computer safe.

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It can sound a little bit complicated but you should check your computer firewall. If you don’t know what is that or where to find it the go on the computer control panel and write firewall on the search box then you can find it. This is trick if you are using windows but if you are using mac the then this will not work. You need to go on the apple icon on the toolbar then you to go the system preferences then security,then firewall. If the firewall is connected only with home network then you are good to go. There is no need to worry at all but its not that then change the option and keep it on home network.

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Always keep a backup of all of you data. If you keep any data on computer or laptop, your data is not properly safe. There can be lots of things happen with your computer like hardware crush or virus or even any other things. And can encrypts your sensitive data which is very important to you but you will not able to get it back. So always keep a back up and make sure to keep it on a safe place. 

You can also keep your data on different online service like google drive or cloud. This can keep your data safely and there is also not need to things about any other issues if you keep on this. But before storing make sure that you are choosing a safe online  storage for this or you can be in trouble.

Always stay away from rough websites. It may be a little bit difficult to find out which website is rough or which one is not. But when you will do any kind of banking or need to in put any kind data then you need to make sure the website is safe or not. https is main sign which you will find with website url. If the website url contain https then its safe for giving any kind data. 

Avoid spam email which show you that kind of amazing deal that is pretty hard to think. This kind of email will take to different phishing websites that stoles your credit card data. 

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