Google VS Facebook: Which one best for advertising?

In this age of internet every business run on online. Now you can able to find a plumber online that is really incredible for our busy life. This things made our life much more easier then ever. This is one of the reason why people like to grow online. Online gives them the opportunity to grow business on a proper way and they also get the ability to target new customer everyday.

There are several ways to run online promotions. People mainly use search engines or social medias for this. Google and facebook are most leading platform in this advertising sector. This is the main reason why people focus on this two on the first stage.

Now the question is, which one you should use or which gives you best performance according to your payment?

The answer will be, GOOGLE. This is not my personal answer, this is the answer of whole advertisement research system. Let me explain it from very basic. For this i like to ask you few questions. So let start it.

Do you like to spend money for targeting those people who are not interested in your service? Your answer will be no and its also the answer of everyone who runs online ads.

Only with google you can get to target those peoples who are actually interested in your business. Their tracking system is the best among of the all services. Facebook tracking system is also not bad but they are not able to beat google on this.

Google tracks everything of a user according to their online activity and then serves advertisement to them but facebook only target GEO location and interests that you will choose. So how you can trust facebook about tracking those people who will interested in your business.

There are also some their things that most of the advertisers don’t know. Have a look at the give below photos and understand the differences between google and facebook ads.

With google you don’t even need to pay for those clicks who are not completely interested in your service but with facebook there is no such kind of option for this.

Google serves ads on the leading websites, this thing helps you grow a lot but facebook only target people according to your location and interest.

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