Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Note 10 is about to hand and Samsung still not lunched any details about it. There are different kind of rumors in the market as every phone company and also Samsung lovers waiting for it.

Samsung never fails to surprise us with new things that you have never seen before in any phones. And they always try to keep all this surprises on budget. And this is the main key fact of them

Ans this is the reason why everyone thinking that Note 10 will might come with extra features but will not going to cost you so much like other mobile companies around the world.

Some sources claims that this powerful device will be on market in August 2019. The current price of Note 9 starts at $1,000 (£899, AU$1,499) but rumors claims that Note 10 will be little bit less then Note 9.

Different sources claims that Samsung Note 10 will have a 6.66-inch screen which is the largest screen people have ever seen on any Samsung device.

And it will also have latest high-end Snapdragon chipset (probably the Snapdragon 855) which make this one much more powerful then other Samsung products.

Rumors also claims that, it will have a in-screen fingerprint scanner and a triple-lens rear camera with curved Super AMOLED screen.

The other key features added by different sources are 4000 mah battery, Improved facial recognition, in-screen fingerprint scanner and completely new look.

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