Top reasons:Why google adsense is the best money making tool

In this competitive ad world google adsense is the best money making system. If you are a blogger or vlogger then you are completely aware about this platform of google. This is way if you have good quality blog or vlog website and people are interested in your website then you can earn money with this platform. For this you also need to get a approval from google for running their ads on your website or videos.

You might have found lots of alternatives of this adsense platform but i can guarantee you that none of them can give you that much traffic like google adsense. I personally recommend it for the easy approval process and for best cpm rates. Google is the industry leader on this and none can give you such as cpm like them.

Getting started process

I firstly recommend it for its approval process. It’s a very easy and simple process. You just need good quality content for this. You have to make sure that all of your blogs and vlogs properly follows the guidelines of them and your content should be useful to other peoples.

You need to just submit it to them and it will take less then 2 minutes for this whole process. They will notify you the next process after that. Once you get the approval message from them you can generate your ad code and then you can set it up on your website. You don’t even need to be a coding master for this.

It have a huge verity of ads that will completely fit with your website. There are rectangle shaped ads, banner ads and also other. You need to choose from it according to your website layout.

Easy to use

Everything is very well organized in their dashboard and you will get confuse on anything. You can also follow their getting started process instruction for better understanding the option. Its not any rocket science that will take months to understand. If you go on their forums for more information’s, you will get everything there. Even if you see any error message on the dashboard then you can also report that on their forum and their expert will give you all the needed instructions for fixing. You will never get such as this kind of help from any other publisher. Also this is one of those reason which making it the industry leader.

This forum will help in any part of this process even if you have any questions about your payment you will also get it answered from here.

Ad fill rate and targeted ads

Their ad fill rate is 100 percent because they have ton of advertisers who regularly invest on google. When anyone think about online promotion they firstly choose google for this. They are number one network and advertisers never fill regret in investing money in their network. As their ad filling rate is 100 percent, you will get paid for each single view or pageview of your website. You only get this opportunity with them but not with other network partners.

The another thing is targeted ads. It means that your visitor always see ads according to your websites content. For this targeted ads you get more clicks on ads and this increase your earning. They also provide attractive & influencing advertisements which also helps you to get more clicks.

For payment

With google you always get paid on time. It really doesn’t matter that how much you earn, they will always send your payment on time without any delay issue. None can say that they don’t get their payment of every month time.

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