Five Hacks To Protect Your Mobile Data

If anyone ask you that how you are protecting the data of your phone from being hacked?  Then what would be your answer of that question. Most people will say about the password hack. Its means they think only using a password is okay for this issue. But the original fact is no this is not the main thing that can protect your phone. People actually don’t know how their data hacked from their mobile.

The reason behind this is, most of the people don’t even know the proper ways to stop this and don’t even know how this whole process worked. They only keep in mind that as they are using password or antivirus, so they are safe.

Using a good password is always a good idea but this is not enough for protecting your mobile data.

Most of the people set password which can be predict easily. You should never underestimate your password issue. Always use that kind of pass word that none can think about. Do’t use name of your kids or even the birth date of yours. Using this kind of password is simply like you are giving the key of your house to a thief.

Use a strong password which contain letters, numbers both. If your password contain symbol then it will be more better. Try to mix all this and keep a password. If you feel that you might forget it later then write it down on your notebook and keep it on your locker or in other safe place.

If you are in any public place and using your phone when you are doing something or even talking with anyone then make sure that you have locked it properly and then put it on your bag or in your pocket. People often forget to lock their mobile on their work place and leave it on desk when they are not around their or in bathroom.

Before leaving your desk make sure that your phone is locked properly.

Then comes the tracking system. All the smart phone companies provide a tracking system. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you are using, it can be OS, Android, Windows or any other operating system. All of them have it. So make sure that its always on. If you lost your phone then you can find it easily using this.

Don’t use unknown wifi. This can ruin your complete data that you have store on your mobile. Your whole data can be stolen in minutes and you will not have any clue about this. 

Author: qPrivate

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