Top 3 questions of every blogger

Are you blogger and trying to make money online? If you are really so and have some questions in your mind then you are really at right place. I’m also a blogger myself and making money with my blogs from few years. I really know what questions do you actually have in your mind? I have faced all this by myself and like to answer those for you so that you can know about this all in details.

The very first question is, “Can I make money from blogging?”

My answer is yeah you can. You can really make money from your blogs. If you have a blog site then you can make money from web and its a very simple process. You don’t even need to be so much skill full for doing this. You can have your website is any platform even in google blogger platform. It is really not the issue for making revenue. There are several ways for monetization you blogs.

You can use google adsense or ( yahoo ) on the very basic stage on that. You need to submit your website for getting approved by them, its a not so much difficult process if you are able to write quality content for your website. The quality of your content matters the most for this two. This two are the leading money making platform in the online world and also the most trust-able one.

There are also few other ways like affiliate marketing. This is a way where you will promote other products and get paid a amount where it will get sold by your promotion. Its paying rate is not so high like adsense but you can get a well profit if you can sell their products.

How much can I earn?

This answer is completely up to you. None can predict about your earning. Its completely depend on your website quality, blogs, keywords and few other things if your running simple ads on your website. You will get your CPC rate (cost per click rate) according to your content and click rate of your website and your user. So if you can write good blogs and target more traffic then you can earn more.

If you are promoting others product in a affiliate marketing way then its not like the previous one. It vary on each product and also on the sell rate. The company will give you your money according to the product value and selling rate. So you will earn more when you will sell more.

You can also find lots of people around you who are making tons of my from their blogs. You can ask for tips from them or can visit their website to understand about those tricks that they are using on their websites for getting more traffic. You can also follow their writing trend for creating better content.

Can I talk about my life and make money?

Yeah you can also do that. There are lots of bloggers and vloggers who do this for making money. Its the most easy and fun way to make money. Whatever you share, you need to keep in mind that, this content should be useful for others. People who will read your blogs should not get depress or grow negativity in their mind.

You can share any personal issue that everyone face or anything other like those things that you know how to do properly. You can also share how you maintain your relationship or how you cook or manage your home.

There are many girls on youtube who only shows that how they do their makeup and nail art or cooking process. they are making good money from this.

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