WordPress theme that can improve your adsense earning

WordPress is a simple solution for every bloggers. Bloggers loves to create website in wordpress because its so easy to do so and their is no coading knowledge needed to create a very simple wordpress website. There is also one more thing that is almost all the hosting provide offers one click wordpress installation in any hosting plan even in cloud also (vultr.com). For this reason bloggers go for wordpress because they don’t even need to have anyone for maintaining their hosting service or even server.

WordPress is a great blogging tool to get started for anyone but when comes the matter of adsense earning, you need to know few things before starting. Or if you are still using that but don’t getting enough revenue then you are just at the right place to explore all of your answers that you really must need to know.

We all knows that you must need to use a theme on wordpress. Most of the bloggers use free themes for their websites as they get it completely free of cost and they also look good to them. This wordpress themes are impacting on their ads earning that they don’t even know about. Running ads in any theme is not so big deal but you need to choose those themes which can give you maximum revenue.


Divi is the most powerful wordpress theme that i have ever seen in my whole development life. This is no such theme in market that can give you as much as this one can. Its a drag and drop theme that you can customized with any coding knowledge.

This is also one of the best wordpress theme for adsense. This reason behind this is the module of this theme. It have different slots for adding adds like before post, after post or sidebar and also have module for ads. This module gives you full freedom of adding any ads on any part of your theme and also in any part of your post.

You can not only use ad codes, you can also set and kind of customized banners on your website. Divi cover all this systems. There is also no chance of blank ads. Its a most common issue of free themes even in some paid themes also.

This theme is created by elegant themes. All of their themes are great for adsense or ads. All of their themes supported a plugin called divi builder that can make any theme working like divi.

There is only a single issue with this divi theme. WordPress recently lunched a recent version of wordpress and this is causing a little issue with this theme like sometimes this not loading all the options of that theme. Elegant theme company working on it and hoping that it will be fixed very soon.

This issue don’t have impact on ads or your revenue. This only making problem when you will word on the dashbord of any post. You can use divi without thinking anymore. I’m using it from last three years and complete satisfied with its performance.

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