How To Keep Your Facebook Data Safe

We all live in the age of social media and can’t even think about a single day without this. It may sound fancy but its a bitter true of our modern life. We live in that time when we use social medias but not so social in real life. We spend hours on facebook but don’t have time to be actually with those people who are really important in our life.

Facebook is the mostly used social media all over the world. Is started its actual journey of growing from 2006  and after that they don’t have look back. They are just growing after that and giving new features to people all the time.

And people get so much attract with facebook for this reason. People love to share their day to day life on this. And people who are on facebook always seek for more likes on their status then other. They thoughts is a prestigious issue to get more like then others. 

But in this race they forget a very important thing and that is their privacy. When anyone enter on facebook, they lost their privacy to facebook. 

You might don’t know but facebook really knows a lot about you that you never ever want to share in public. But the true fact is that facebook knows everything about you. 

As they know everything about you and when you use their log in button on other third party website, that website get all of the data that you have given on facebook. This is happening from years and none of the facebook users properly knows about it. As click the “i agree” button during sign up process without reading their terms and data policy.

In 2016 when Trump become president and this matter comes to everyone’s eye. Cambridge Analytica issue happen during that time. Cambridge Analytica tracked private data from 50 million Facebook profiles of USA. They did this for understanding the voter behavior of the election of 2016.

Cambridge Analytica directly to help Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. And this the reason, he won the election.

They used  a Facebook app called “thisisyourdigitallife” They shared a personality quiz on facebook and those people who take this quiz. And different sources claims that facebook actually sold that data. But there is no actual prove of that.

They have only confirm that , the facebook app collect user data when anyone log in using it. 

But you can still save your data. Facebook recently has added this option. This option will help you to lock your profile so that people who are not in your friend list will not able to see all of your given information. 

You should also check the app page from the setting option. You will see all the apps that are collecting your data from that page. Remove all of them and never log in on any app on any other website.

If your using any facebook app on your mobile then must check all of the settings. Make sure that your microphone options is off  on that that.

Author: qPrivate

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