Netflix users targeted by phishing scam

Netflix is only mean entertainment. Its used by millions of people world wide. Its the mostly used streaming service an loved by its users for its tons of options. People used to subscribe here without thinking anything because its so much popular. Users of it don’t have any idea about what actually can happen with them by subscribing it.

People subscribe here for having fun not for being hacked or anything others like data stealing. And recently this issue comes to everyone’s eye’s. Recently people getting an email from netflix for submitting their personal information’s. And when they provide all the information’s of them, their data goes to hackers after that.

For this US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issue a warning on this scam. They completely announced to avoid replaying any kind of email that you get from netfilx. You can use netflix but only you need to avoid those emails.

Its a phishing scam where scammers can use fake emails but completely act like original company and then sending emails for the netfilx users.

Netflix have clarifies that they don’t even have any idea about who actually doing this. And also clarifies that they never ask for any personal data. They are advising every user of them to avoid this kind of emails.

The Netflix Help Center also encourages their users to report this emails to their help center so that they can take a proper step on that scamming issue.

Author: qPrivate

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