Popular android apps reportedly caught committing ‘Ad Fraud’

After reading the headline you might thinking about which apps are doing this fraud and why their are doing so. I don’t know why they are actually doing so but i got very surprised when i know about those apps. The reason behind this is, i m also using two of them from last 4 years.

And now i get to know that they are such a fraud. There are eight apps on Google Play Store with more than two billion downloads since they lunched are doing this fraud. They are mainly exploiting user permissions for doing this million dollar fraud.

Seven of these eight apps come from Cheetah Mobile, its a Chinese internet company. And the other one developed by Kika Tech which is also a Chinese firm. These apps reportedly have more then 700 million monthly active users according to google play store source.

This two Chinese company just set a process on their apps for misusing user permission for showing ads more then every. As i know this process very well as i have also used some of those apps. Let me explain this properly.

Most of time they will show you notification of getting extra bonus dollar $$ on their apps and that you can withdraw using your paypal account. And for this you need to always with your internet connection and you need to spin their wheel for getting those $.

And once you come on that process, you will spin that again and again and they will keep showing you tons of ads more then you have every seen before. Its mainly a trap for showing their apps nothing more then this.

And people who don’t know about this fraud they spend all they long for getting dollars but don’t get any dollars. Because its a trap for showing more google ads.

They also show a headline to all the people when they are using those apps. In the headline they display a half of a email address and show that they have withdraw money just right now. And this is the whole process of this scam.

 App analytics firm Kochava get this thing and share it with buzzfeed and they mainly reported this news world wide.

  1. Clean Master
  2. CM File Manager
  3. CM Launcher 3D
  4. Security Master
  5. Battery Doctor
  6. CM Locker
  7. Kika Keyboard
  8. Cheetah Keyboard

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